Startshubs, the largest broker of innovation between large organizations and innovators in the Netherlands, has named GPAL as 1 of 3 startups that can now help to quickly switch to new ways of working!

“Startups with the tools to survive the corona crisis as an organization: These are special times.

Many companies are feeling the consequences of the corona crisis and have to switch to other ways of working. Fortunately, there is also good news. The rapid switching of the entrepreneurs leads to an enormous acceleration of innovation within organizations. What until recently required months-long processes is now implemented in days to weeks. In this recurring series, we put three startups in the spotlight who have the tools with which your organization can continue to steam within the 1.5 meter economy! This edition: GPAL, 2DAYSMOOD and The Cue. ”

Starthubs describes GPAL as follows:

Wat are they doing?

GPAL is a platform for knowledge sharing based on videos, for and by employees. Using simple video instructions that every employee can make, GPAL offers the opportunity to contribute to knowledge building within the organization.

Why is it relevant now?

Who can work at home. This takes some getting used to in terms of mutual communication. How do you as a company organize an induction process or training? GPAL allows employees to take knowledge independently, at any time, ask questions or demonstrate that they have mastered knowledge. The employees are actively involved in the process, which makes it interactive and therefore fun.

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