23 April 2020

Starthubs names GPAL as a platform that can help during the corona crisis!

Starthubs, the largest broker of innovation between large organisations and innovators in the Netherlands, has named GPAL as 1 of 3 startups that can help quickly switch to new ways of working!

“These are extraordinary times. Many companies are feeling the effects of the corona crisis and need to switch to other ways of working.

Fortunately, there is also good news. The fast switching of entrepreneurs is leading to a huge acceleration of innovation within organisations. Until recently organising organisational learning required months of processes, and is now implemented in mere days or weeks.

In this recurring series, we highlight three startups that have the tools that will keep your organisation steaming ahead even within the 1.5m economy! This edition: GPAL, 2DAYSMOOD and The Cue.”

Starthubs describes GPAL as follows:

What do they do?

GPAL is a video-based knowledge-sharing platform for and by employees. Using video instructions that any employee can create, GPAL offers the opportunity to contribute to knowledge building within the organisation.

Why is it relevant now?

Those who can work from home. In terms of communication and cooperation, that takes some getting used to. As a company, how do you now organise an onboarding or a training course? With GPAL, employees can independently, at any time, absorb knowledge, ask questions or demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge. Employees are actively involved in the process, making it interactive and therefore more fun.

Read the whole article at: https://starthubs.co/news/Drie-startups-met-de-tools-om-de-corona-crisis-te-overleven-als-organisatie-deel-1 


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