Learn more about our vision! GPAL is a video-based learning platform with a simple but clear philosophy. Learn anytime, anywhere through video instructions in 1 handy app!

The power of video learning: For over 40 years we have known that traditional and classroom ways of learning are inefficient! A study, already conducted in 1969 (!), concluded that after three days only 10% of written information was remembered by students, compared to 65% of visual/verbal information.

Why does visual learning work so much better?

Visual learning activates long-term memory. As a result, learned knowledge is remembered longer. Visual learning makes information understandable. Visual explanations are much faster to understand, making knowledge transfer smoother and more effective. Visual learning increases motivation. After all, it is much more fun to watch a short video than to read a long-winded manual.

GPAL, our visual learning platform, innovates learning processes by using self-created short instructional videos as a way of visual learning. We believe that video instructions created by your own experts combined with social group interactions overshadow conventional learning methods.

Source: Center for Creative Leadership

Learning in the context of the organisation

Classical and traditional forms of learning are still prevalent in schools and organisations. But we have known for a long time that this is actually not that effective. The world famous 70:20:10 model shows that we only learn about 10% of our knowledge in classroom lessons. At the same time, we learn the most from ‘on-the-job learning’, namely about 70%. So it’s actually quite strange that we still invest so much time and money in classroom ways of training that don’t work well.

GPAL picks up on the 70:20:10 model. We see that a shift from classroom learning to interactive and on-the-job learning not only speeds up the learning process, but also makes it much more efficient. By learning within the context of the organisation, knowledge is better retained and less time has to be invested to keep the knowledge level high in the organisation.

Bypassing the forgetting curve

The forgetting curve shows how quickly the average employee forgets newly learned knowledge. As you can see on the right, most people have already forgotten 80% of knowledge after just one week!

The forgetting curve therefore also shows that traditional or classroom teaching methods often do not work well, because employees only learn at one point in time.

You can easily beat the forgetting curve with one simple solution: introduce regular learning and repetition of knowledge! As you can see above, the effect of the forgetting curve decreases each time newly learned knowledge is repeated. By facilitating regular learning moments in your organisation, knowledge is better remembered by your staff and they keep important knowledge ready.

With GPAL we make it possible to make knowledge easily available to employees. With our Todo function you can even offer a series of instructional videos in a certain order (mandatory) to the relevant employees. With notifications you remind the employees to refresh their knowledge quickly and easily with the short videos!

GPAL Sprint method

Based on the most important findings in the L&D world, we have developed our own sprint method.

The GPAL Sprint-method quickly gets you started with creating and implementing instructional videos on the shop floor. It is therefore our ‘success strategy’ for quickly, easily and efficiently setting up video learning within your organisation.

The 3 steps:

  1. create
  2. distribute 
  3. monitor

As soon as you start with GPAL within your organisation, one of our consultants will be happy to help you make the process run as smoothly as possible!