11 May 2023

Video assignments: The modern solution for old-fashioned exam processes !

Introducing: GPAL video assignments!

GPAL is introducing a new feature: video assignments. Our latest App feature allows your employees to demonstrate their knowledge and skills through video assignments.

No more singular, stressful exams! With video assignments, you can easily create multiple test moments,  even a few months after a learning journey. Not only does this offer more flexibility  at assessment, but it is also a personal and effective way  to test and maintain employees’ skills and progress.

Say goodbye to traditional, outdated methods of assessment and welcome a more interactive way of evaluating learners!

How does ‘video assignments’ work?

With our Todo feature, you can already easily create a series of instructional videos and make them mandatory to follow for groups of employees. This allows you to quickly schedule micro-training and repeat training or, for example, follow up an onboarding or specific training.

Now you can supplement these learning moments with testing in the app. At the end of a Todo, you can now add a video assignment. Learners can then demonstrate their knowledge and skills on video after training. The test moment is more interactive and you can easily provide learners with personalised feedback. Video assignments also remain available after training, which allows learners to continue viewing their own results.

3 simple steps to improved testing methods.

  1. Create a Todo in the GPAL app and add a video assignment.
  2. Learners demonstrate knowledge and skills by uploading their own video
  3. Provide personalised feedback to learners

Multiple forms of evaluation possible

Individual or group focus
Video assignments can be handed in privately or can be shared with a larger training group. For example, you can allow learners to see each other’s videos and give peer feedback.

Peer feedback option
An assessor can be linked to submitted video assignments. So you can easily facilitate peer feedback or pair more experienced colleagues with new ones.

The benefits of video assignments.

🎯   Learning at multiple points in time: Video assignments allow you to schedule multiple test moments, even as a knowledge refresher or as a follow-up to a training course.

🎯  Personalised assessment and feedback: video assignments make it easier for learners to demonstrate knowledge and skills. More individual feedback can also be given.

🎯 Interactive learning process: Involve learners in their evaluation. We often see that by asking learners to make a video, they reflect more on their own knowledge and skills. This makes the learning process more interactive.

🎯 Multiple evaluation formats possible:  Choose the right evaluation format for the right training course or group of learners. Facilitate feedback or give learners access to each other’s videos.

Sneak peak

GPAL Video Assignments is the first step towards a more interactive and personalised learning platform.

Try our latest feature video assignments for yourself! Contact us at info@gpal.nl to try it out.

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