21 November 2023

Checker: Smart, interactive checkpoints about your video instructions!

With Checker, you can now check your employees’ learned knowledge in an accessible and interactive way! When all video instructions have been viewed, Checker automatically opens and asks several questions about the content of these video instructions. The user can easily answer the questions in a chat format. Based on incorrect answers, the correct videos are immediately recommended for re-watching. 

Check that the knowledge has come across to your colleagues

With GPAL Todos, you can easily create a series of videos mandatory for users. Ideal for a short training, onboarding or refresher course, for example.

With Checker, you can now check in an accessible way whether the knowledge in these Todo’s has actually come across.

The GPAL Assistant will help you through the questions

The questions in Checker are asked by the so-called GPAL Assistant. This Assistant is completely customizable. Choose an appropriate name yourself and upload a matching avatar.

As an organization, you choose the tone that fits your own corporate culture. In this way, users’ perceptions connect with other internal communications.

Statistics help you see the progression of your colleagues.

Statistics are becoming increasingly important for organizations. To keep an overview of progress, the statistics within GPAL have been further expanded. See how far along your colleagues are in a Todo and see how many questions they answered correctly.

GPAL is often not the only system that organizations use. Therefore, statistics can also be easily exported.

“By adding a Checker to our Todos, we can better see if all the knowledge has actually come across!”

Checker is an extension to the Todo functionality. It is an opportunity to use GPAL even more effectively within your organization.

Checker is now available to all organizations using GPAL. This feature does not require a new or additional license!

Opportunities with Checker:

Ask questions about the content and check that your colleagues have understood everything.

Recommend video instructions to watch again in case of a wrong answer.

Monitor your colleagues’ results.

How can we help you?

Checker is new within GPAL and of course that always raises questions. Hopefully the answers to your questions are already listed here. If not? Feel free to contact us!

“At GPAL, our users’ needs come first! Together you get further”

Mark – Developer at GPAL

Checker is part of Todo (course). When creating a Todo, the Checker tab allows you to create a Checker of your choice. 

A preview can also be played in this screen to gain insight into what an end user will see. The questions are clickable to see which answer options are given. Once a Todo (Course) containing a Checker has become active, questions can no longer be modified. 

By default, the Assistant is called “GPAL Assistant. Of course, this name is customizable to your own preference. For example, choose a colleague’s name or a fictitious name. The color is also customizable. 

Assistant can be found under “Other” in the Management Console.

In the Management Console, statistics can be found for each Checker created in a Todo. This statistic has been added to the Todo (course) statistics. It is possible to see how many questions have been made in a Checker. Also, one can see how many questions were answered correctly/incorrectly.

When a Todo contains a Checker, it is required by the creator (Admin) of this Todo. The Checker is therefore required to complete the Todo as a whole. 

After the last video instruction, the Checker will start automatically. Is it not convenient at that time? Then the Checker can be deferred. However, completing the Todo as a whole will require going through the Checker.

A Checker is currently a one-time fee. The GPAL Assistant will indicate whether your questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. In case of an incorrect answer, the Todo administrator (Admin) may have recommended a video instruction to watch again for further explanation.    

Currently, no score can be seen on the overview pages in Todo. As users, however, you can scroll back through the Checker chat to see which answers were answered correctly or incorrectly. 

For Admins, however, the scores are viewable through the Management Console.

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