30 July 2020

CEO of Dutch Armed Forces Rob Bauer blogs about GPAL

“Training time decreased, but the quality has increased. That is really special!” 

In cooperation with ECOD, the Dutch Armed Forces now have over 30 ongoing implementations of GPAL across all departments. At academies and workplaces, GPAL is used for onboarding, education, training, on-the-job learning & performance support. 

CEO (CDS) Lieutenant Admiral Rob Bauer talks about the benefits of GPAL in his blog after a visit to DGOTC (Healthcare Training Centre):  “The remarkable thing is that the training is now shorter, but the quality increased.”

Due to COVID-19, classes at the DGOTC were abruptly halted and the course curriculum was innovated within three weeks.

“The DGOTC also uses new technical innovations in training. Students film their tasks and post the video in the GPAL app. They share and discuss each other’s videos and the comments help them to improve their skills. Instructors can also review the videos and ask targeted questions to the trainees.”

The trainees are very positive. They prefer this way of working as it gives them more freedom. Furthermore, the reflection on their own videos, practising and working more independently makes the course material stick better, increasing performance.  

“The people at the training centre showed me that they are now more responsive to the qualities and needs of the individual trainee and more effective with time.”

Readherethe blog of Lieutenant Admiral Rob Bauer. 

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