Defensie (the Dutch Ministry of Defence) recommends GPAL for practical education and independent learning.

The Ministry of Defence is continuously trying to improve learning methods that are used internally. Finding the appropriate digital tools for different types of work is an important part of this process, especially to give shape to remote learning. The instructors can choose from a variety of educational means that fit the specific goals of their course.

GPAL is one of the basic learning means that are used within Defensie.

The Ministry of Defence recommends using GPAL for practical courses and independent training. With the use of GPAL, the instructor is able to make clear instructional videos and share these with the students. Students can watch the instructional videos independently and do the corresponding assignments. Afterwards they can film themselves demonstrating the assignment and receive personal feedback on their videos from peers and the instructor. It is a great tool for teaching and learning from a distance.

Below you will find an infographic by the Ministry of Defence about learning at a distance.