GPAL continues to evolve!

The GPAL platform continues to evolve. On a regular basis, new and/or enhanced features are added to the platform. New updates can be found on this page. However, are you looking for support or want to know more about GPAL at all? Then please use the buttons below.

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Mail notifications and an onboarding flow for new users

Recently, all mail notifications have been given a new look. Not only have all mails received a fresh look, but they also feature direct links to where you need to be. This makes using GPAL even easier!

For administrator, it is nice to know that all new users automatically receive an onboarding flow. In about three emails, they receive an explanation of what GPAL is, helpful tips and, of course, an email to create an account.

The benefits in a nutshell:

Mail notifications have direct links to where you need to be in the app

Recognition has been greatly increased. Don’t miss a notification anymore!

As an administrator, you can be sure that all your new users are well on their way

Checker: Smart, interactive checkpoints following video instructions!

With Checker, you can now check your employees’ learned knowledge in an accessible and interactive way!

How Checker helps you:

Check that the knowledge has come across to your colleagues

The GPAL Assistant will help you through the questions

Statistics help you see the progression of your colleagues.

Let’s meet! Our consultants are ready for you!

Erik Liet – Founder GPAL

Start improving performance in the workplace

What are you going to learn?

Making instructional videos via the app

Upload and share videos with colleagues

Grow together with peer to peer interaction