5 June 2021

CASE: OTCLOG renews and digitises logistics training.

The Logistics Education and Training Centre (OTCLOG) provides all logistics training within the Dutch Armed forces. Officials from the Air force, Navy, and the Army can follow courses at the OTCLOG to obtain the knowledge needed for their respected fields. For some time now, the OTCLOG has been working with GPAL (read about it here). In this case you can read how the OTCLOG is doing now and what they have achieved in the meantime.

The first week of January, the school Techniek en Onderhoud (within the OTCLOG) organised a filming week. After a collective kick-off, 6 groups of instructors started recording instructional videos on the teaching material. In just one week, as many as 200 instruction videos were made and shared in the GPAL app. Various logistics courses were partly renewed, digitised and immediately used. An achievement to be proud of. 

“Our primary goal is to promote GPAL within the OTCLOG. At the beginning of the week, some people were a bit reluctant, but by the end of the week, many instructors had been convinced and many instructional videos had been added!”
– Ferry, Commander of the Instruction platoon Voertuig Technische Systemen.

An evaluation video made of the filming week at OTCLOG.

Filming and digitising training courses

Each group of instructors, participating in the film week, is responsible for a different training course at various locations. Due to the success of the film week, even more courses are now partially supported by instructional videos, instruction cards and QR codes. During this film week only the instructors made the instruction videos, but, Ferry explains, this will be different in the future.

“In the future, we would also like to have more interaction with the students. By means of a video, the student can explain why and how he performs certain technical exercises. Unfortunately, this is still difficult due to the lack of mobile devices. Despite the technical issues concerning the devices, we have come up with a work around and will continue to make instructional videos.” – Ferry
– Ferry

Filming creates more support

At the beginning of the film week, some instructors were still a little reluctant to make instructional videos. However, as the week progressed many of the doubters were won over and enthusiastically set to work filming. This immediately provides more support.

“Not only the student, but also the instructor has to get used to the new method. That’s not a bad thing at all, all new things need getting used to. An instructor no longer needs to explain everything in a classroom setting, and the student is central. From that point of view, GPAL can be used to help the student on his own individual learning curve. Eventually, most instructors see this added value of videos, become enthusiastic and actually start using them themselves.
– Ferry

Ferry explains:

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