28 November 2021

Research results: On-the job learning!

We are happy to share the results with you! 

As a market leader in learning on-the-job, we conducted a survey to find out your opinions, experiences and wishes in this area. We are happy to share the results of this research, with more than 20 insights and 4 recommendations. We already highlighted some interesting findings in this article.

Much support is still physical.
The opportunity to innovate digitally is now!

In the top 4 most common learning methods, three are still physical: training by instructors, the teacher/mentor method and the use of physical manuals and instruction cards These are all very time-intensive and costly methods that, especially with Corona, are difficult to implement. There is now a great opportunity for digital innovation.

A survey by TIER1, frontrunner in the US learning and development market, found that learning through video instruction has been in the top 4 resources at 70% for several years. In the Netherlands, according to our research, this is now also strongly emerging with 46.9%.

Lack of knowledge about workplace learning alongside lack of time biggest obstacle

“In the report, we give advice on how to deal with that lack of time and knowledge about workplace learning”

96.9% think classroom learning can be replaced by workplace learning

81.3% see great potential in the use of video instruction as a learning tool

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