9 March 2023

Repetition in the workplace – how good is your memory?

Do you remember what you ate last Tuesday?

Chances are you had to think about it for a second!

And that’s not so surprising. According to the forgetting curve, we forget much of what we learn in a short time. And that unfortunately also applies to the knowledge we need in our daily work. 

But don’t panic yet! In this article, we tell you how to tackle this!

The forgetting curve: how does it work again?

The forgetting curve shows how quickly the average employee forgets newly learned knowledge. As shown in this graph, most people have already forgotten 80% of knowledge after just one week!

So the forgetting curve also shows that traditional or classroom learning forms often do not work well, because employees only learn at 1 moment in time.

Source: eLearning Industry

So when your employees learn something new on Monday, they have already forgotten it after the weekend!

This is of course an immense waste, not only for the organisation, but also for the employee himself!

The good news: There is a quick and simple way to ensure that employees retain important knowledge in the workplace for longer!

How do I beat the forgetting curve?


Repetition is key!

You can easily beat the forgetting curve with one simple solution: introduce regular learning and repetition of knowledge! As you can see above, the effect of the forgetting curve decreases each time newly learned knowledge is repeated. So by facilitating regular learning moments in your organisation, knowledge is better remembered by your staff.

Source: eLearning Industry

How do you easily implement repetition within your company?

“Okay, so I need to regularly repeat important knowledge within my organisation, but how?”

Regular knowledge repetition should obviously not cause more work for employees or be difficult to organise. GPAL is already helping 120 companies facilitate easy workplace learning to bypass the forgetting curve with Todo!

Repetition in the workplace with Todo

With Todo, you can easily trigger your employees to repeat important knowledge in the workplace. With Todo, you can offer a series of instructional videos in a certain (mandatory) order to the relevant employees. With notifications, you remind employees to refresh their knowledge quickly and easily with the short videos! 

Super convenient for quickly scheduling various micro-training or learning moments, or as a follow-up to an onboarding or specific training.

Does it take me a lot of extra time to make those videos?

No! Instructional videos can easily be made by your company’s experts:

your own employees!

Furthermore, it can actually save a lot of time if you have to organise a certain training, such as a BHV course, for several employees every year. You now do this in one go and can continuously offer it again!

With Todo you can:

🎯 Easily schedule recurring training.

🎯 Automatically encourage your employees to repeat certain exercises and work tasks more often

🎯 Bypass the forgetting curve, keeping your employees’ knowledge level up to date!

So those who want to bypass the forgetting curve say goodbye to long training days and implement multiple learning moments with Todo! 

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