1 July 2020

No time for knowledge assurance? Make a digital copy of your experienced staff.

Knowledge assurance requires consideration.

A survey of 150 maintenance managers shows that knowledge assurance is very high on the agenda. We see this problem not only appearing in the maintenance sector, but in all sectors. Expertise increasingly lies with a small group of experienced employees that are about to retire. Additionally, high turnover rates increase the need for knowledge assurance as important knowledge leaves the organisation.

How do you tackle knowledge and expertise leaks? We often hear: We know this is a problem, but we do not have the time to fix it right now. This often leads to more problems in the future.

Make a digital copy of your most experienced employees

It starts with changing your mindset. Still, many people think about knowledge assurance in terms of writing out long detailed standard procedures with pictures. Yet, it can be done very differently. Our solution is simple: film your most experienced staff as they explain procedures. Make sure these videos are immediately stored in our GPAL App so that they can be immediately shared with your other employees. You create a digital copy of experienced employees, so to speak.  Would you also like a digital copy? Email us at info@gpal.nl

Suddenly there is time

GPAL has many benefits, but the most important one is this: it stimulates visual learning and is less time-consuming. You can enable employees to film their work tasks while performing them, simply with a smartphone. In this manner, everyone in the organisation is involved with safeguarding knowledge, without it taking up extra time.

Yes, but…..

The argument of time shortages no longer applies. We can help your organisation to adopt this new way of safeguarding knowledge. Structured and innovative. We know all the ‘reasons to doubt’ by now and know how to deal with them. It is a matter of acting. Are you ready for it? Get in touch via info@gpal.nl 

Kind regards,

Erik Liet

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