16 September 2022

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Making a good instructional video takes time. You may therefore be wondering:

  • Why is my video not being watched? 
  • Which format do I really speak to my target audience with? 
  • How can I improve the quality of my videos? 

In the online course ‘The perfect video instruction’, you will therefore learn practical tips & insights from Technical Training Expert Serge de Beer and our own GPAL expert Femke de Keizer. 

They will show you in 7 steps how to make your instructional videos even better and provide personalised feedback on your own video instruction(s)! 

Watch the promo video!


How do I take part in the course?

  • You take this course online in the GPAL app (curious how to access it, see the ‘sign up’ section). 
  • This course is free to attend. 
  • Click below to sign up!


  • The course is delivered on-demand. That means the course  is already ready for you and you can access Serge and Femke’s videos with a GPAL account. So you can follow the course  at your own pace and whenever you want! 
  • Click below to sign up or email info@gpal.nl ! 

Signing up 

  1. Apply for this course below!  
  2. You will receive an email with more information and an email where you can create your own password. 
  3. Log into the GPAL app and start the course ! 

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