2 August 2020

Accelerate remote training during COVID-19 (and beyond)

Implement social distancing in your organisation

Due to the measures surrounding the COVID-19 virus, many organisations are preparing for the temporary “one-and-a-half-metre economy. Organisations will have to make significant changes in the organisational structure: how you engage employees, facilitate training and how to exchange knowledge, everything suddenly has to be different! Quickly demonstrating a tricky task or procedure at a distance of one and a half metres is now suddenly a challenge. 

However, even after COVID-19 things will not simply ‘go back to normal’, as many people expect remote working to remain popular. Our advice: use this period to accelerate digitization with video! Take advantage of our flexible and instantly deployable digital app GPAL.  

We can help guide you through this! 

Our consultants are happy to help you with a free consultation to make this change to digitalisation more quickly. Below are a few examples of challenges and solutions that can be implemented within 1 day. 

  1. New (or continuously changing) measures must be implemented quickly in the organisation

Film the new procedures easily with a smartphone and upload them in the GPAL app. The relevant employees will automatically receive a notification to update them about the new measures. Of course, this can be set up separately for each department or group of employees.  

  1. You can no longer give a (practical) lesson or training 

Film the (practical) lessons and assignments and upload them in the GPAL library, in which a clear structure or lesson plan can be created. Additionally, you can easily make booklets and add QR-codes. When QR-codes are scanned by a user, the app will refer them immediately to the correct videos in the GPAL library. Reduce class sizes and have students (or new employees) work independently through the assignment booklets. If necessary, see what elements can also be learned on the job or remotely. Leg die vast op video en deel die gepersonaliseerd. In this way, classical teaching time can be reduced without lowering the level of quality. 

  1. Employees need accelerated induction, but guidance needs to be remote

During onboarding, new employees often shadow an experienced colleague that shows them important work tasks and procedures side-by-side. With GPAL, all procedures that are normally demonstrated side-by-side are now captured on video by your own experts. These are stored in a cohesive structure in the GPAL library (like a table of contents) within the app. 

You can then use one of our templates to easily create “training booklets” for new employees to practise and learn independently at home or in the workplace. Additionally, video creates a more welcome and warm environment than long manuals or ineffective guidance.   

  1. On-the-job practice is difficult to implement due to the 1,5 metre rule

Use this moment to have your experienced staff make short video instructions of the most important tasks in their daily work. Give them some extra space in their work schedule so they can do this immediately during the operation. Save these videos on the spot in GPAL. Within a few days, you can capture and secure crucial knowledge and share these directly with the less experienced employees, so they can see how to do the operations. If they get stuck, they can make a video of it on the spot, share it via GPAL and use the GPAL chat to ask questions to colleagues immediately. Als ze vastlopen kunnen ze daar ter plekke een video van maken, delen via GPAL en middels de GPAL chat direct antwoord krijgen op hun vraag van een collega. This way, a lot of knowledge sharing and guidance still takes place. 

  1. You want to be able to share best practices and experiences quickly

Written text and e-mails are tiresome. Especially when employees don’t read them thoroughly, if at all. So how can you still facilitate the sharing of best practices and experiences among colleagues?

Through the GPAL app, you can easily connect different locations regionally or globally. Each location can create short videos of best practices and share them in the GPAL environment. Every location can respond and participate. 

  1. You want to implement new safety measures faster

The safety of your employees is paramount. Create videos demonstrating the new safety measures, store them in a structured way in GPAL and create a digital safety instruction card. You can also make the videos mandatory in the app, automatically sending notifications and reminders to the relevant employees. In the management console, a manager can track exactly who has already watched the videos. 

  1. You want to accelerate your employees’ digitalisation 

We see an accelerated rollout of new software across all organisations. This takes some getting used to for most employees. With GPAL, you can easily create a video tutorial using screen capture (recording your screen), save it in a structured way and share it immediately with all employees. Employees can also record and share tips with each other or ask each other questions via chat.      

You could think of dozens more cases in which GPAL could be a solution. Perhaps you want to relieve your helpdesk, offer your customers remote product training or help your own employees remotely? 

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