Accelerate social distancing roll out with our video instruction platform

Due to the Covid-19 virus organisations are preparing for the ‘one-and-a-half- meter’ economy. Regular business life will have to adapt to new social-distancing protocol transforming onboarding, training, learning on-the-job and the way knowlegde is shared. Use this time to prepare your organization for these challenges.

7 ways we can help
Our consultants are ready to help you with a free consult and will enable you to start today. Below you will find 7 challenges and solutions that can be kick started today while maintaining high quality and safety standards.


1. You want to roll out new (and changing) protocols fast

Film the new procedures and create digital instruction cards. Share the videos with all employees via the GPAL apps in order to inform employees on new procedures. New updates will automatically trigger notifications to applicable groups.


2. You are unable to proceed with courses and trainings

Film the course material and assignments. Share the videos in a clear structure in the GPAL app and make digital instruction- and assignment cards. Minimize class sizes and enable students to work independently with the assignment cards. Furthermore, consider which elements of your curriculum can also be learned on the job (by video) in order to reduce the time spend in a classroom. Film these and share them to the team that needs it.


3.You wish to rapidly onboard new employees but coaches need to keep distance

All procedures that are normally demonstrated on an individual 1 on1 basis will be filmed once by one of your company’s own experts. These will be made available in the App in a clear structure. Digital onboarding workbooks can be made and provided. This will enables employees to independently work, practice and learn on the job. Tip: This can still be achieved maintaining the personal and friendly atmosphere of your company. Ask our consultant how.


4.You are unable to provide guidance on the job, due to 1.5 m

Use this moment to innovate and allow experienced employees to make short instructional videos of the most important practices and procedures. Allow them some extra time in their work schedule to achieve this. These employees can save and share the videos in the GPAL app. In a few days crucial procedures can be recorded and stored. You can make the videos available for less experienced employees who can learn on the job. If they experience difficulties on the job, they can post a video in GPAL with their question, which can be answered by expert colleagues in the chat.


5. You want to share best practices fast and easy

Written text and email-updates are means that are inefficient for knowledge transfer. Use GPAL to have your employees make videos of best practices and share them immediately via the GPAL app with other locations, regional or worldwide. Every location can react and participate.


6. You want to implement safety procedures fast and easy.

Safety always comes first, especially when it concerns your employees. Make videos on important safety protocols and share these in a clear structure in the GPAL app.  Make a safety instruction card and make it mandatory for all employees to watch all videos and ask them to upload a video showing the implementation on the location as prove. In the management console you can monitor this.


7. You wish to make employees digital savvy as soon as possible 

Many organizations have seen an increase in deployment of new software. Employees need to familiarize themselves with the software which could consume a lot of time. Use GPAL to create simple video instructions via screen capture (recording your own screen), and share these with all employees in a training structure in the GPAL app. It also enables employees to share tips and ask questions amongst each other through video or chat.

Make a difference with GPAL

All these cases can be implemented as a component or as a whole. Many other cases can be solved with GPAL. Bring in your case and we will brainstorm together.Feel free to contact us via

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