12 June 2022

Discover in these 3 videos how to enhance traditional training with video learning !

Keeping staff skilled, explaining emergency procedures or digitising vehicle training? 

Many organisations still provide physical training to keep their staff skilled. In times where knowledge has to be transferred faster and with fewer resources, supplementing your training with video training is a good solution.

By using video …

🎯 … employees are trained faster  and remain skilled.
🎯 … employees can work  independently
🎯 … employees have always & everywhere  access to the right knowledge

In collaboration with the Dutch Ambulance, we will show you how to use instructional videos & QR codes to digitise training and make it available in the workplace! A great example that can be widely applied!

How do you make vehicle training available digitally in the workplace?

How do you ensure staff remain skilled?

How do you facilitate workplace learning with videos and QR codes?

Would you like to know what a video-based learning platform can do for your organisation?

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