29 September 2021

CASE: Work- and administrative tasks made visual at Penitentiary Veenhuizen

Work- and administrative instruction made visual: Your colleagues explain work related tasks with instructional videos.

“The majority of colleagues would rather watch an instructional video than having to read the entire instruction manual, and I think that is very relatable. Videos also have an additional positive side effect, namely that we can more easily assess a colleague’s level of skills and knowledge. For now, instruction manuals will still be used partially, however GPAL is a more modern solution.”

Last February José and Claudia, both all-round security guards at Norgerhaven DJI, set out on a mission to film instructional videos of security procedures at two different locations, Esserheen and Norgerhaven. They visualise work-related tasks by filming short instructional videos, which turned out to be a great success. Apart from the fact that visual explanations accelerate the learning process, there is also a very strong social aspect involved. Namely, the GPAL app leads to more overall enthusiasm and positivity within the organisation. This is helpful for new colleagues, but also for more experienced employees.

Positive reactions

José and Claudia often involve different colleagues when making a video. This way truly experienced colleagues  within the organisation can explain difficult procedures to their peers and often do so with great enthusiasm. 

“We are always welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm”, Claudia explains, “colleagues enjoy participating in creating the video instructions, either by bringing up new ideas or by playing a role in the making of videos. They often come up with great ideas to clearly illustrate a procedure on camera.”

Social innovation

Not only the visual aspect, but also the involvement of their own employees is what is so innovative about GPAL. Employees are enthusiastic and this immediately creates more support. New procedures are not only explained more clearly and quicker, but the information is also absorbed faster and more easily by employees. Because the videos feature one’s own colleagues, there is a lot more interaction and motivation to watch the videos. 

Both ladies have made over 70 instructional videos by now, however, they are not done yet. José explains:

“We make and edit the videos on an iPhone and upload the material in the GPAL-app. Afterwards it sometimes happens that a video could be improved upon or that we forgot to mention something. Then we just create a new video. It is a really fun project to work on together!”

The videos that already have been made will soon be available in the app for all employees. Due to the limited computers available at the workplace, some iPads will be used at central places. For now, the two ladies enthusiastically keep making videos together. 

Some examples of what instructional videos look like at DJI! 

The launch

The videos will be launched after the summer, during a big staff outing. Due to COVID-19 the date is yet to be determined. However, many colleagues have already seen the videos and the reactions are very positive.

“Because we believe in this project and we show it, we can motivate a lot of colleagues to think about and participate in making the videos. We often stress that this is truly our project, meaning that it is made by colleagues for colleagues. This makes it more personal and creates more affinity with the product.”