1 June 2020

CASE: LEAN, autonomous teams and SOPs

There is a lot to learn between sectors. In this case, we will therefore zoom in on the use of GPAL within industrial companies. In the following 4 videos, we explain the advantages of GPAL within the industry. However, even if you do not work there, take a look and learn.

In this case, you will find 4 videos about:

  • Introduction Jan Willem (our new consultant)
  • How GPAL can help accelerate LEAN
  • How GPAL can facilitate autonomous teams
  • How GPAL innovates the SOP (standard operating procedure)

Introduction Jan Willem

Meet our newest colleague, Jan Willem.


LEAN is essential in any organization and ensures that your business operates more efficiently, faster, and better. Jan Willem explains how GPAL can help to eliminate 3 wastages of Lean.

GPAL & autonomous teams

Everyone wants autonomous teams on the work floor. In this video, Jan Willem explains how employees can work more independently, with GPAL as a supporting tool.

GPAL: The replacement of the written SOP (standard operating procedure)

The SOP, or standard operating procedure, is used in every industrial company. However, standard operating procedures are also used in other sectors. In this video, Jan Willem talks about how GPAL can revamp the SOP and make it more efficient.