GPAL stands for Gamified Peer to Peer Adaptive Learning.
GPAL is a spin-off of MAD Multimedia. At MAD, we have more than 20 years of experience creating custom game-based learning solutions for corporate and government clients.

Through the years we have become experts when it comes to developing innovative solutions for education and training, making these processes more efficient, while also making them fun and engaging for employees. By winning the Innovation Award of the Dutch Ministry of Defence for learning and education end of 2015, we had the opportunity to develop our GPAL Platform. We learned what works by doing many, many projects with our pioneer customers. With GPAL we feel that we have found the holy grail (for now) on how to support and engage employees in their learning.

GPAL platform

The GPAL platform is a SAAS solution based on a monthly fee.

How we work

We will teach you how you can use GPAL to create education, onboarding, training, and performance support in days instead of months. And how you can involve your employees and/or customers to participate.

Do you want to know what GPAL can do for your business? Please contact us at + 31 50 211 29 35 or info@gpal-learning.com