Whether you are working from home or working as usual, there is no better time to innovate than now!

Seminars, practical courses and other forms of classroom-education are all cancelled indefinitely. There is no better time to discover new ways of learning. Such as efficiently transforming seminars, training procedures and onboarding processes into a remote on-the-job learning process that can be followed in an independent workplace

And the best way to discover is to experience! Therefore, GPAL offers a free kickstarter package, providing you with a personal and secure GPAL environment to freely experiment in. You can set up a full training or simply have a look around. Everything is possible.

Our guarantee:

  • Get started with making video trainings in less than an hour!

Kickstarter package includes:

  • A video call with a GPAL expert on the goals of your company and your personalized innovational plan.
  • Demonstration on how to quickly make video instructions with GPAL and access to your own secure online environment.
  • Access to all of our instructional videos that will guide you in the process of making a remote online training or creating additional support for employees.
  • Access to our design templates for creating supporting handouts and instruction cards, facilitating employees to learn at a distance.

Interesting for those who:

  • see this time as the perfect chance to innovate!
  • are interested in enhancing trainings, developments and performances of colleagues and employees.
  • are anticipating the consequences of the 1,5 meter economy.
  • are eager to learn about using digital means as complementing or reconstruction work related education and preserving knowledge.


  • Free (no automatic prolongation)

Sign up:

  • Send an email with your name, email address, name of the company and the goal you wish to attain to: