GPAL introduces a new feature “Todo”. What is it and what can you do with it?

From now on you can trigger employees to watch videos in a scheduled period. Very useful if you want to schedule new employees for their onboarding, for mandatory repeat training, for mandatory new work instructions, or to trigger micro learning every month. There are many appplications possibile and GPAL takes care of triggers and planning for you!

  • you can give training, courses and introduction programs a more mandatory character
  • you can have employees watch videos in a fixed order
  • you can let employees watch videos in a fixed time frame
  • employees are more triggered to watch the videos by notifications and e-mails
  • the progress of a training and a group of employees is easier to monitor

How does it work?

In the menu bar you will see a new icon; Todo. When you tap this, you will see the new tab in the application where specific training courses are ready for you.

At the top there are active Todos, these are courses that have already started and of which you may have already watched a few videos. When you choose a course, you can see exactly how many videos there are and where you left off. You can also see how much time you have left to watch the remaining videos.

Already a GPAL customer and want to make a mandatory course? Start now!

By creating a series of mandatory videos that start on a certain day, you can better motivate employees to watch this series of videos. As an administrator you can create a course in the Management Console. For this you will find two new items in the menu of the Management Console; Templates & Courses. Start now by making your first course and your employees can see their mandatory Todo’s appear in their App.

Need help? Watch our how-to video in this support article. Don’t see the Todo feature appear in your app yet? You may have to update the app, here you can read how that works.