In a recent blog article we already showed the positive effects that using GPAL can have on knowledge levels. Now, an additional evaluation with 26 of our users highlights a deepening insight in even more positive effects that GPAL can have for learning on the job.

A revolution in learning

GPAL’s mission is to change how people learn and exchange knowledge in a social and interactive way. Of course, our users have to confirm that we are on the right track. We fundamentally change how employees can share and learn, and at the same time we have to make it accessible and easy to do so.

Having conducted a survey amongst 26 users active in different functional areas, the results reveal that we are on the right path. Employees confirm that GPAL enables sharing and gaining knowledge easily and quickly, making it possible to work more efficiently.

More specifically, the following results were observed:


GPAL believes video explains things better than a million words. Our users confirm this.

GPAL is seen as a multiple use instrument. It supports experienced workers by allowing them to refresh their memory on how to do things and at the same time helps them learn new policies and procedures individually.

GPAL supports sharing knowledge by sharing videos. When doing so, different work methods suddenly become apparent. As comments on videos are possible, it triggers a self improving mechanism. Users agree that it helps to work towards more uniformity.

When they were asked whether they think they learn faster and better, an astonishing 77% answered positively. This is quite special, because it is less time consuming for the learner, but at the same time it is also less time consuming for the work coach. The goal of improving quality in less time seems to be accomplished by using GPAL.

As GPAL is an instrument to support learning anytime and anyplace, it is good to see that employees view GPAL as a good supporting tool on the job.

Finally we asked if they would recommend using GPAL to others. In our survey 84% of participants would recommend GPAL to fellow employees.

Making videos as a new way of sharing knowledge

Although kids and students spend a lot of their time exchanging videos and photos, not everyone within companies is immediately enthusiastic about filming their own video instructions. But our survey shows that at least 76,9% were open towards doing so, which is far more than expected. And quite a difference compared to the tedious process of writing instruction manuals. As we already saw, 88,5% of respondents preferred GPAL instruction videos over traditional paper instructions.

Eventually, each team ended up having a couple of employees who were especially enthusiastic and took the reins on the video creation front, finding creative ways to provide instructions and engaging everyone else in the process. It is something to get used to by doing. Once used to it, we see people having a lot of fun making good, creative videos. As such, video creation supports our goal to exchange knowledge socially between employees, which opens up the opportunity to decentralise learning.

Want to know more about how GPAL can help you achieve similarly positive results? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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